How do I prep before applying my self tan?

-Shower, exfoliate, shave, and dry your skin completely. That's it! You can then apply your You Bronze tan that instantly starts working as it sinks deep into your skin to not only provide an amazing self tan, but to give your skin a soft silky feel with our all natural anti-oxidants and antiaging benefits. 

How do I apply it?

You Bronze is very simple to apply. Easy to follow directions are on every bottle as well as in our tanning tips page on our website. 

How long does You Bronze last?

You Bronze was formulated to last 7-10 days. I know I know you've probably heard that before right? When I designed You Bronze I formulated it thinking about us hard working busy moms trying to get that work out in and all the self tanners that sweat off during a workout. Also what good is a self tanner if it starts to get streaky or splotchy after only a couple showers during your busy week. Not with us!

Does You Bronze leave you orange?

Absolutely not! You Bronze was formulated with 0 orange color in it to eliminate any change of an orange appeal.

How many coats do I need?

We recommend starting with just one coat your first time using You Bronze. You Bronze IS NOT a gradual self tanner. You Bronze is an instant self tanner so you can instantly get that all natural glow quickly from the comfort of your home. After your first application when you shower off the color guard then you have a pretty good idea of if you should apply a 2nd coat however this is for the ladies that was that dark extra tan. 

When do I shower? 

Please allow 6-8 hours after application before showering. You Bronze needs time to sink into your skin to apply its self and to provide your skin with all You Bronze's skin care ingredients. 

Will You Bronze transfer?

No! You Bronze was designed after just 45 minutes to an hour after application to stick to your skin not your sheets or shirts.

Should I use a mitt?

Yes! We have heard stories of first time self tanners using their hands for application and although your legs achieved that perfect glow your hands come off a little darker than the rest. So yes we do recommend using our You Bronze applicator mitt that was designed with a water tight seal to prevent any unwanted tanner from leaking through our mitt and onto your hand. 

How do I maintain my tan?

We recommend not using any time of scrubs or rubbing hard against your skin with things such as a towel when drying off. Other than that just apply a daily moisturizer.

Can I wear my You Bronze tan swimming?

Yes and no. You Bronze is formulated to provide a long lasting tan that sticks and lasts under several conditions such as working out, daily activities, and yes swimming in lakes and salt water. However if you'll be swimming in a pool most pools are highly saturated with chlorine which is such a harsh chemical for your skin. We do not recommend using a You Bronze tan for swimming in chlorine pools.